Who Signed the Certificate of Achievement?

At the end of the summer, you’ll receive a certificate of achievement to celebrate your reading accomplishments! It’s signed by Captain Matthew Wheaton, the Commanding Officer of the CCGS Captain Molly Kool. Capt. Wheaton’s ship is named after Molly Kool – she was the first female sea captain in North America and was born in Alma, NB. You can learn more about Molly by visiting her page. 


Captain Matthew Wheaton is from the fishing community of Frederickton, on the northeast coast of Newfoundland. His father is a fisherman and introduced Capt. Wheaton to the sea when he was a child. Since graduating from the Canadian Coast Guard College in 2003 with a Watchkeeping Mate certificate and a Bachelor of Technology in Nautical Science, he has progressed to be Commanding Officer on numerous vessels and taken part in multiple Arctic voyages and high-profile Search and Rescue cases. Capt. Wheaton has been with the CCGS (Canadian Coast Guard Ship) Captain Molly Kool since 2019, and currently serves as her Commanding Officer.

Portrait of Captain Matthew Wheaton
Captain Matthew Wheaton
Canadian Coast Guard Ship Captain Molly Kool
CCGS Captain Molly Kool


The ship which Captain Matthew commands is the CCGS (Canadian Coast Guard Ship) Captain Molly Kool, a medium-class icebreaker. She can achieve a maximum speed of 30 km/h (16 knots) in open water. She is 83.7m long (93 meters with the Icebreaking Notch) and 18 meters wide. Originally built in 2001 by a shipyard in Norway, the vessel was refitted and commissioned to the Canadian Coast Guard in 2019.